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We heard live (unidentified) animals

We heard live (unidentified) animals scurrying in our attic crawlspace. Found ADC from great Angie’s List reviews, they came out either the next day, or very soon after our call (I can’t recall now). VERY professional! Immediately identified animal problems as raccoons, walked around my property with me and showed me all the specific tell-tale signs. They explained their full process, and flat fee structure. They set live traps, and return every single day – except Sundays – to check on them. When they made a live catch, they offered to text me a photo of the catch either as proof or simple to assuage curiosity. I felt that these professionals were sensitive to both feelings of the humans, and welfare of the animals. They explained that their cages have a little food and water to keep the animal until they come by to remove it. They covered the cages in burlap to lessen the appearance in my front yard, easily visible from the street. The traps were out for about 12 days before we caught 1 raccoon, and finally called it a day. The ADC professionals were in contact me throughout that time. I felt like they were both responsive and responsible. I hope I never need their services again, but if I do, I feel confidence in calling this company again. I recommend them very highly.


Jay and his his two sons

Jay and his his two sons were incredibly prompt, professional and knowledgeable about how to address the problem on my farm. They set approx. 30 live traps and were there daily to attend to them, catching what we believe to be all of the rabbits, and a couple of skunks, over a 15 day period. I found them to be very trustworthy and conscientious on the property, as well as caring for the live release of the rabbits on property licensed to receive wildlife in the Elizabeth area. I would highly recommend Jay and his family.


I tried several other critter removal companies

I tried several other critter removal companies in the past that never even came close to eradicating the problem but charged exorbitant fees anyway. Jay analyzed my particular situation very carefully and located every possible entry point for an assortment of different animals, each of which had different nesting habits, and he came back daily to check the traps and check for new entry points. He persevered until the job was done completely and humanely. He charged me a flat fee that he honored, in spite of the many additional times he had to come by to check out the constantly evolving situation and stay on top of things. This included weekends and holidays. His dedication to doing the job right went far above and beyond my hopes or expectations. My children and I are finally able to sleep at night without being awakened by the sound of heavy thumping and scratching in the attic. Bliss! I cannot recommend Jay highly enough. Try ADC and you’ll be very glad you did!


If you want prompt, experienced, professional

ADC Animal Damage Control is the company you need if you want prompt, experienced, professional, and courteous service. Jay Stewart immediately addressed several of my wild animal concerns in a humane and competent manner. He took care of all of the problems, and I never needed to call him back to address the same situation.  I would highly recommend Jay and his company.  I have never written a review before but felt his excellent service justified an excellent rating.



We had a skunk living under our deck. Jay set four traps around our property in places the skunk had visited. He checked the traps every morning and kept us informed about his progress. Within a week the skunk was caught and removed without it spraying. He also advised us on ways we could critter-proof the space under our deck. Overall he was very professional and friendly.


Very professional, very humane

In July of 2010, after our dog got too close to a skunk, I contacted Jay to come out to our neighborhood and help. He contracted with me and 16 of my neighbors… the job – a big one – got done over a several week period with Jay consistently monitoring the area and personally speaking to each of us as the worked went on. It wasn’t until two years later I asked for his help again. And once again he made us skunk free. Very professional, very humane, very understanding and very friendly. Would I call him again? If the past is any indicator, it looks like I will have to.


He has done this for years and really knows his profession.

It was pretty obvious when we had a skunk living under our patio slab. The dog was going to a very small hole that we had not seen, and we could smell it. We called Jay Stewart of ADC for help. First, he gave us advice on how to be sure that the skunk was and “in residence” When we confirmed that, he came the same day and set traps. Jay and his son, Ryan, checked the traps every day for about three weeks until he was sure there were no more skunks. He kept us up to date on the situation. He responds quickly to phone messages. Jay is an independent business man and not a franchise and I like to use independents. He has done this for years and really knows his profession. It is a compliment to say that he knows how to think like a skunk (raccoon, rabbit, squirrel).! He took care of the skunk and told us how to prevent another one from getting in. I recommend this provider with no reservations and will use him again if the need arises. In addition to being very professional and responsive, Jay is friendly and a pleasure to work with.


Jay visited our home daily for over two weeks.

Jay Stewart was courteous, communicative, responsive, reliable and effective. I hope we don’t need animal control services in the future, but if we do, we’ll call Jay for sure!At first I thought $350 was high, but not only was that the same price as another A-rated vendor on this site, but I think it was totally worth it given that Jay visited our home daily for over two weeks. This is a flat rate that includes making sure the critter problem is resolved. *Note that Jay will not go up on a concrete tile roof. I think this is a reasonable exception and have run into this with other types of vendors in the past. The tiles are just too easy to break. He was able to set the traps without going on the roof — he just couldn’t inspect all vents/chimneys, etc. to see where the squirrels were getting in. Jay did recommend a roofer who does animal proofing. If you have animals in your attic and a concrete tile roof, you may want to simultaneously schedule a roofer so you can close off whatever opening is allowing the critters into your house.


I can recommend Jay and ADC

Jay is committed to humane, live trapping which was very important to us. I can recommend Jay and ADC without any qualification whatsoever.


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