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We heard live (unidentified) animals

We heard live (unidentified) animals scurrying in our attic crawlspace. Found ADC from great Angie’s List reviews, they came out either the next day, or very soon after our call (I can’t recall now). VERY professional! Immediately identified animal problems as raccoons, walked around my property with me and showed me all the specific tell-tale signs. They explained their full process, and flat fee structure. They set live traps, and return every single day – except Sundays – to check on them. When they made a live catch, they offered to text me a photo of the catch either as proof or simple to assuage curiosity. I felt that these professionals were sensitive to both feelings of the humans, and welfare of the animals. They explained that their cages have a little food and water to keep the animal until they come by to remove it. They covered the cages in burlap to lessen the appearance in my front yard, easily visible from the street. The traps were out for about 12 days before we caught 1 raccoon, and finally called it a day. The ADC professionals were in contact me throughout that time. I felt like they were both responsive and responsible. I hope I never need their services again, but if I do, I feel confidence in calling this company again. I recommend them very highly.

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