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Jay visited our home daily for over two weeks.

Jay Stewart was courteous, communicative, responsive, reliable and effective. I hope we don’t need animal control services in the future, but if we do, we’ll call Jay for sure!At first I thought $350 was high, but not only was that the same price as another A-rated vendor on this site, but I think it was totally worth it given that Jay visited our home daily for over two weeks. This is a flat rate that includes making sure the critter problem is resolved. *Note that Jay will not go up on a concrete tile roof. I think this is a reasonable exception and have run into this with other types of vendors in the past. The tiles are just too easy to break. He was able to set the traps without going on the roof — he just couldn’t inspect all vents/chimneys, etc. to see where the squirrels were getting in. Jay did recommend a roofer who does animal proofing. If you have animals in your attic and a concrete tile roof, you may want to simultaneously schedule a roofer so you can close off whatever opening is allowing the critters into your house.

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